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A cappuccino for…

On the easy floor, of those where the bed acts like a magnet and in your head there is only a cappuccino but with one eye closed and the other open you have no intention of going to the bar….
No problem! With a simple gesture of a capsule, your cappuccino is ready in an instant: fluffy, creamy, delicious: 101CAFFE’ cappuccino or mini cappuccino for you is the best way to start the day, every day is different:: with coffee, with barley, soy, mini or maxi, but always and only your beloved cappuccino.

Lemon tea for…

Sun salutation, meditation, yoga: if this is your way to start the day, a good lemon tea is probably the star of your breakfast. With 101CAFFE’ teas, instant or loose leaf, there is no longer any need to cut the slice of lemon, dip it into the cup of tea and wait: these two or three gestures are enough to obtain a delicious, hot and golden lemon tea. , which promotes the first conversation in the morning, and the sharing of good wishes for the day that has just been born.

In short: a breakfast for everyone (no one excluded), 101CAFFE’ for all breakfasts!
Discover the widest range of coffees and breakfast drinks in the world, in all 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy, in the rest of the world and online.

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