From employees to entrepreneurs, it’s possible with 101CAFFE’ Franchising!

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Achieving the entrepreneurial dream is easier in an organized retail business

The market for pods and capsules is growing strongly but also very competitive: to face it you need to have “strong shoulders”, and that Anna and Raffaella, who have worked at 101CAFFE’ as employees for years, know it well.
But what are the concrete advantages of joining 101CAFFE’ Franchising? Let’s see them through a few sentences taken from the interview.

“You feel at home”

These words from Raffaella fully express the essence of Franchising: the parent company and the affiliates work side by side in an atmosphere of serenity and trust. Day after day, franchisees discover the members of this great family, in which everyone has their role. The parent company’s team is made up of qualified and specialized personnel in the various areas of store management, who accompany the franchisees during the activity, making available the experience acquired in more than 150 active stores in Italy and the stranger.

“101CAFFE’ allows you to work with extreme serenity, because it is the customer himself who gives you positive feedback”

At 101CAFFE’ stores, customers know they can find the world’s widest range of portioned coffee and beverages, coffee machines, support and impeccable service, not only in-store but also online. This is a great competitive advantage, as Raffaella points out.

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“They transmitted to me the love of this profession, so I too wanted to learn and improve myself”

In addition to being able to count on a leading brand in the sector and appreciated by consumers, affiliates enter into an organized Retail with proven processes and a method designed to express their full sales potential. 101CAFFE’ is a company with a strong training vocation and guarantees its affiliates continuous professional growth, encouraging them to do better and better, as Anna explains.

“We almost become “psychologists” vis-à-vis customers!”

Their secret from Anna and Raffaella? Serious but light work. Knowing the product and knowing how to guide customers in their choice with professionalism and, at the same time, laughing, listening to them and making them feel at home and pampered. The spirit of 101CAFFE’ is just that and they express it 101%!

Congratulations Anna and Raffaella for this important step and thank you for this testimony which fills us with pride and satisfaction. At full speed 101CAFFE’!

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