Sunglasses for men, how to choose the best ones for your face

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How to choose men's sunglasses online

The Sun glasses they are an essential accessory to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays and protect them from excess light. But not only: a pair of dark glasses completes the look during the day, giving character, personality and even a certain charm to the wearer.

Knowing how to choose the right model is therefore very important to express your style.

In this sense, the market winks at consumers by offering a rather interesting range of shapes, colors, materials and frame types to choose from.

The assortment of the range is so wide that finding the best one can be a real challenge. The different shapes of sunglasses allow everyone to find a model that highlights the expressive lines of their face and that corresponds to the taste of the wearer.

It is possible to buy men’s sunglasses online after examining and studying the different models offered by the most fashionable fashion houses to ensure a trendy accessory for the summer.

Let’s try to write a small manual on how to choose the best sunglasses that best suit your faceto choose the model to highlight this summer season, in the best possible way.

Start with the shape of the face

The types of faces are many and different. If you look closely, there are no perfectly identical shapes between several people.

In any case, these can be summarized in four main forms, depending on the characteristics of each: squared, by heart, round And oval.

To define which of these four predominant shapes your face belongs to, you must pay attention to the proportions and distances between the forehead, chin and jawline.

In general, an oval face tends to have a more elongated shape than a round face. The one with a more pronounced jawline, on the other hand, can fall into the more square category, while a forehead wider than the jawline, will give it a triangular shape.

The most suitable shapes for different face types

When choosing sunglasses for men, the rule of contrast versus face shape applies.

For oval or rounded faces it will be preferable to opt for square shapesuseful for giving more character and offsetting facial features.

The fact remains that, if one does not want to harden the silhouette too much, even most forms can work well blunt.

The dimensions must be large enough, even oversizedto prevent the glasses from getting lost in the oval.

The ideal frame, meanwhile, is moving towards a contrasting face and more curved lenses.

On the other hand, more square or triangular face shapes deserve a different discourse, which can be softened by more rounded shapes. If the face is small, it is better to keep the size plus littleso as not to clutter the whole thing too much and to lighten it even with models where the lens is predominant in relation to the frame.

The teardrop glassestimeless classics that compensate for the already rather angular shape of the face.

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